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Thread: xml security doubt

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    xml security doubt

    its about security in XML.

    right now i'm working in a project(customising the front-end of my company product). here we r planning to store our customizable parameters in an xml document, i mean...whether a textbox is mandatory, a form s required for that particular client and so on and its a java servlet based intranet type of application.
    but for customizing the frond end do we need to download the xml in the client machine or can we do the parsing and send the required info to the client?
    could u pls help me in choosing the secure way of doing it?

    thanking you

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    It seems like your answer is completely dependent upon your data modal or your business logic.
    As far as XML is concern, it will work in both cases if you passed an XML document to web browser and did the parsing there or created an HTML response using servlets.
    I'd think using servlets and Java's DOM or SAX API's to parse xml on serverside and forward the HTML in response is a better way,since it will give you more control over error handling prior to the users sees any data.

    Just an opinion..:-)


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