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Thread: Autoredirect and $_POST back variables

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    Autoredirect and $_POST back variables

    Hi Everyone

    I came across a bit of a problem

    I have a page that checks the submitted form. If there are any errors or illegal functions it should redirect back to the page a request came from. As well as redirect it should send an error message. Now I need it to go so that the data sent back does not appear in the browser search line.

    The only way I found of doing it is to set a session variable.

    I also found this:

    header("Location: $nexturl");

    But this way one can see what is being posted back in the top of the browse, which is exactly what I am trying to avoid.

    does anyone have any ideas?

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    Try validating the form on the origional page, post to itself, that way you can validate and check for any errors and output an error message, the if it validates correctly redirect to the next page.

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    Thanks for advice, I rewrote the thing

    It absolutely flew out of my head earlier on

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