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Thread: mouseover font color change

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    mouseover font color change

    Does anyone know a better way to get the text to change color as a user mouses over the text? I want to use camtasia to do some video tutorials and would like the font color to change as I mouseover with the cursor.


    .changecolor {color:black; text-decoration:none;}
    :hover.changecolor{color:red; text-decoration:bold;}


    <font size="7">
    <a class="changecolor" href="http://">Now </a>
    <a class="changecolor" href="http://">is </a>
    <a class="changecolor" href="http://">the </a>
    <a class="changecolor" href="http://">time </a>


    Screen looks like this and does work but I'm sure this is very inefficient.

    Now is the time

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    Messy eh? That about all you can do.

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