I'm attempting to use a Connection String to add my server (ideally, Active Directory) to the Data Source Catalog in Front Page.

I begin as follows --

>Insert Data View
>>Select a Data Source
>>>Database Connection
>>>>Add to Catalog

Configure Database Connection
>Use Custom Connection String

I am having trouble entering a properly functioning connection string. I am trying the following --

Provider=ADSDSOObject;User ID=myID;Password=myPassoword;<LDAP://DC=private,DC=myCompany,DC=com>;(objectClass=*);sn, givenName; subtree;

and --

Provider=ADSDSOObject;User ID=myID;Password=myPassword;<LDAP://DC="private,DC=myCompany,DC=com">;(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=User)(sn=*)))); subtree;

and --

Provider=ADSDSOObject;User ID=myID;Password=myPassword;<LDAP://servername/OU=pem;DC=private,DC=myCompany,DC=com>;(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=User)(sn=*)))); subtree;


Provider=ADSDSOObject;User ID=myID;Password=myPassword;<LDAP://servername/>;


Provider=ADSDSOObject;User ID=myID;Password=myPassword;<http://servername>;

Any help would be much appeciated. As you can see, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong or if I'm even barking up the right tree! Thanks.