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Thread: Exam to test my html/css knowledge

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    Exam to test my html/css knowledge

    HI all,

    I am looking to test my knowledge of (x)HTML and CSS.

    It appears that there are not to many free tests out there... I am not doing this for certification, I just want to make pages that render correctly and I think that this might help...

    I have found this one: http://www.w3schools.com/Css/css_quiz.asp

    And received 18 out of 20.

    I am looking for longer tests of varying difficulty...

    Thanks for any help.


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    A test is pointless in all reality. The real test of your ability is to create designs. Look around and find a complicated design and try to replicate that.

    By the way, what questions did you get wrong in the quiz? That could show where you could focus.

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    its an easy test.. most ppl get high score.. 18-20
    i looked for good exams too.. but found nothin..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Declan1991
    By the way, what questions did you get wrong in the quiz? That could show where you could focus.
    My point exactly, getting questions wrong in a test can indicate where i need to scratch up.

    I agree that coding a site is the best way to solidify your knowledge of code. But doing this sort of mental arithmetic would be beneficial...


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    The problem with most such web-based quizzes is that they usually are multiple choice, and tend to focus on syntax rather than application of that syntax in a useful way. While it's good to know that the CSS property used to align text within a block element is "text-align", that's just simple memorization of information that is easily available to you if you happen to forget it.

    I'd recommend doing something like:

    Go to www.csszengarden.com. Download a copy of the HTML source code they use on all the pages there. Select one of the layouts you like there. Do your best to emulate that layout with your own stylesheet. When done, take a look at the stylesheet that the page's author used and compare his result with yours (and maybe find out how he did that tricky bit you couldn't figure out).
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