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Thread: Tab buttons?

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    Tab buttons?

    So I made some buttons from movie clips, already programed them and they are working just as they should. But there is one problem. When you click a button on my site frame changes to another page. And you can see what page you're in because you can see that button is highlighted. So the problem is that you can click all buttons but you won't understand where you are because they are all highlighted. And that's of course clear because all the buttons are identical. So what I need is some kind of script that basically says:

    If (symbol, name or whatever it is) at frame (10) all other symbols (or symbol 1, symbol 2... or names of instances) go to frame 1 (or reverses or whatever it can be).

    Or maybe try something like:
    If function onPress takes place all symbols (or symbol 1, symbol 2... or names of instances) go to frame 1. Except for the one where this function took place.

    So what I need is so only when one movie at certain frame all other movies go to frame 1.

    I have only buttons at my page, and no other movie clips so feel free to give me any kind of code that can do so.

    If you don't understand I want them to look like a tab menu (example: Windows Media Player)

    Thanks, Yan

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    don't need help, figured it out myself already

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