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Thread: CSS background images

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    CSS background images

    Im making a website using xhtml and css.

    of course like most websites there is a navigation menu. the menu is going to be horizontal and i know how to make it into a horizontal list. what im questioning is how to use background images with it.

    the menu is contained in it's own DIV and i am using css to specify a background image. what i want is to use three images in total.

    the first image would be on the far left and would have rounded corners the second image would be the repeated image that stretches as far as needs be to cover the content of the div. the third image would be the image to the far right containing another rounded corner so it kinda looks something like this:

    ( & ) representing the rounded corners. is it possible to do this or would i need to use three separate DIVs for each image?

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    Do it with two images; e.g. left curve and general background as a background, right end as an image.
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