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Thread: CMS that can communicate with my MySQL database?

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    CMS that can communicate with my MySQL database?

    Most of my content projects are custom and dynamic driven from a database (1000+ pages) with only a few static pages.

    What is a good CMS I can use to give certain levels of access to users who are registered and logged in and paid to gain access? Also to customize the CMS to edit/add/delete rows in my custom database? This seems like the biggest task. Static pages are easy. Give me a lightweight CMS that I can use to point add/edit functions to my preexisting MySQL database.

    It seems like all my projects are a simple database - what is good CMS with hooks to customize my needs?

    On exiting, I like Drupal and WordPress (for what its worth) and not touching Joomla (aka Mambo).

    Thanks for any feedback

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    Just for the record, what issues do you have with Joomla ?

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    Ive never been able to get the SEO friendly URLs and for this project, which is mostly custom database driven content, Im looking for a light weight CMS to handle writing and reading from my custom MySQL database. Ive been with Joomla since it was Mambo, and it is a good CMS, but it does seem like a lot of bulk for my needs.

    Please keep in mind that I want to customize the CMS to edit/add/delete rows in my database -- Ill take any suggestions.

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    Hii All,
    I am working on Drupal right now, well, the problem I am facing is that I am not being able to track the flow bcoz I am not familiar with the urls,

    for. e.g
    in the <form> tag the action attribute says "action=user/manage/books/add"

    What does this mean? On which page does the flow go on pressing submit?

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