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Thread: Bloglicio.us Review

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    Bloglicio.us Review

    I just recently created a blog hosting site in hopes that it would be a community site like stumbleupon, digg, or delicious. I've added a lot of functionality to it that other blogging platforms don't have. For example, revenue sharing, personal chatting, friends, and groups. I'm trying to create a social community with wordpress multiuser. Inside I have added many plugins that users can use if they choose. I'm still in the process of adding themes. I hope to add over 100 themes to please any tastes.

    One of the main draws to this blog hosting site (I hope) is the revenue sharing option. Users can add their adsense publisher id and 90% of the time their ads are shown on their blog. 10% of the time my ads show. The revenue goes to hosting costs and further development of the community site. Here's my site.


    I wanted to get blogalicio.us but it was already taken so I had to settle for Bloglicio.us

    I would really appreciate if you guys would take a look at it. Comments and suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated.

    Your more than welcome to create your own blog and take a look around.

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    Wow. Looks really good.

    Some of the graphics are a bit muddy... low resolution.

    Overall, it looks quite impressive.
    Now, you have to get people to use it - that's always the trick!

    Good luck!

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