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Thread: [RESOLVED] Click Fraud Software

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Click Fraud Software

    CoderGuru mentioned "Click Fraud Prevention Software" in another forum. Can anyone direct me to some options? Which ones work? How does one go about using it?

    I'm considering starting some PPC actions.
    Is it worth considering for selling affiliate products or will I simply lose my shirt?

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    Hi Donatello,

    Click fraud software comes in two formats, the first is javascript tags on your page which write to a central service, the second is a log file analysis tool.

    Javascript ones come fairly cheap/no-cost and the log file analysis comes at an enterprise class cost.

    Log file analysis is far superior, and hte main vendors are Click Tracks and Click Forensics

    Javascript is easier to implement, but comes with the overhead of less accurate results due to people disabling javascript on their browser or (as in the case of click bots) being in and out of your site after a click before the page tag is loaded.

    The one I used to analyse my clients click fraud problems is Click Forensics Pro (log file analysis). The have a javascript implementation which is free for up to 100K clicks per month, I recommend checking this out.

    Others I have used which are good:
    whos clicking who
    click sentinel - freeware but not underdevelopment at the moment.

    Hope that helps

    Neil Matthews

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    I'm amazed at some of the expertise and talent to be found on this forum.

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