This is all happening locally:

My Dreamweaver MX web pages show my stylesheet has been applied when when I preview them individually (with Firefox). However, if - in the preview - I click a to a linked Other Page, my stylesheet is not applied to Other Page.

When I open Other Page and preview it, the stylesheet has been applied and everything looks fine.

Does anyone know what gives?

Also: the CSS folder I put my stylesheet in is alongside (in the same folder as) my HTML files. I don't have a slash before the path name. This IS correct, isn't it? If I delete the line that refers to the stylesheet and have Dreamweaver attach the stylesheet by browsing to it, Dreamweaver does not put the slash in either.

This involves my remote site:

I've had trouble before on my remote site. It created a WWW folder FOR me. Is this because I had WWW included in my local site definition? Or do some hosting services do that automatically?