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Thread: What are my next steps?

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    What are my next steps?

    Recently, I overhauled my award-winning website, which I invite you to check out at:


    Against all odds, I learned Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS, and recently got my head wrapped around Final Cut Express.

    For the next phase of my development, I need to involve my readers, namely:

    1. Posting reader feedback on every page of my site, with SPAM-free safe-guards. The kind of posts you see in response to blogs. Only I'm not doing a blog. I have 150 articles and I need a reader feedback mechanism for each one.
    2. Forum page where readers submit comments in response to specific questions I pose.
    3. "RSS,Email this page to a friend, print page, etc" - how do I go about it?
    4. Automatic sign-up for my email Newsletter.

    Are there ready-made plug-ins available? Or do I have to learn PHP or whatever? If I have to learn something, what books do you recommend?

    I've Googled everywhere and come up empty.

    Please forgive the naive nature of my inquiry. I'm really a very good journalist, but a very bad web developer.

    Thanking you all profusely in advance -

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    You might want to spend some time poking around www.opensourcecms.com for a number of different options.
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