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Thread: Layout of a sitemap

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    Layout of a sitemap


    I'm trying to build a sitemap in the style of the attatched image.

    I'm trying to think of the best way to do this using meaningful markup and valid CSS. My initial thought was to do it using Definition Lists. E.g "Home", "Dealer Directory", "about us" etc being the DT elements and the links under each header being the DD elements. But is it possible using a definition list to lay it out correctly. How would I get it to spread out horizontally instead of just vertically down the page. Would setting different CSS classes for DT elements that need to start a new line (e.g. "dealer directory", "motoring news", "cororate" and "resources")work?

    Thanks for any advice anyone can give

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    I would think headings followed by unordered lists.

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    Thanks! I was thinking of possibly using nested unordered lists instead, but I suppose your suggestion makes more sense!

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