I'm very new at this, so bear with me if I don't provide complete information relative to my question.

In short, I'd like to allow the viewer to click a link below a picture and have new pictures presented to the viewer.

I've seen this done and a copy of code that allows this is presented here:

<td width=301 valign=top><IMG SRC="/images/home_pics/image7/index_10.jpg"" WIDTH=301 HEIGHT=300><br><IMG SRC="/images/index_28.gif" WIDTH=23 HEIGHT=20><a href="?p=8"><IMG SRC="/images/index_29.gif" WIDTH=278 HEIGHT=20 border=0></a></td>

The pictures are presented in a table cell with a 301 X 300 pixels. Below the picture is a 23 X 20 icon and to the right of the icon is the (278 X 20) link prompting the user to "click" to change images.

I'm guessing that "?p=8" is a short (hidden) program that flips the pictures in index_10.jpg and I had picture 8 (image 7) on my screen when I copied the above code.
Am I right?
Can you help me with code that will allow "x" nuber of images to be presented in a cell?
Will the page load based on the time it takes for the fisrt image to load or will multiple images slow the page's loading time?

Thanks for any help you might have.