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Thread: Folder on server does not delete!

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    Folder on server does not delete!

    This all started when I accidentally placed uploaded my images folder into the images folder in my server when I wanted to update the pics therein. So now I have my regular images in the images folder along with a repeated images folder inside of it. Realizing my mistake I delete the Images>Images folder and it deletes all items except one, that automatically generated itself, some file called .pureftpd-upload.XXXXXX (several numbers).

    It doesn't delete no matter what. What should I do to delete it effectively?

    EDIT: Oh my god, all the images stopped working, I have a imageless website now even though everything is in its proper place. What the heck is this?
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    Forget the last part, I was transfering the files in ASCII mode.

    My problem with the folder that doesn't delete still applies though. Do you know why?

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    Your FTP program created that file as a temporary FTP log. And you cannot delete the folder as long as it is there. If it doesn't automatically disappear the next time you open your FTP program, go into your website control panel and use that File Manager to delete the folder.

    Hope that helps!


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    I'll try that, thanks.

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    Try a new FTP client. Try FireFTP (Firefox plugin).

    This sounds like something that would happen in an older app., for example, WS FTP will not let you delete a folder if there are files in it, even if you want to delete all those files and subfolders. It must be done manually, and if it's a hidden file....

    Get the FireFTP Firefox plugin if you do not have it already. It's a free download.

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