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Thread: window.open() stalls original

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    window.open() stalls original

    Hi there.

    I'm having a problem with the window.open() method and I was hoping for a helping hand.

    I have a screen with various links which open new windows using window.open()

    Everything works fine, however some of the new windows involve reports that take a long time to compile and when I open one of these (in IE7) the orignal window is non-responsive until the new one returns.

    Is there any way to break this 'queuing' and free up the original window?


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    Are you opening the new "window" in another instance of IE or just in another tab of the same instance?
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    The default is a new window, however when forcing to a tab (by holding down the Ctrl key & clicking) results in the same scenario.

    I've also just tested it in FF as well and get the same results

    EDIT: It doesn't, however lock out any other tabs/windows - for example I made this post in FF whilst my 2 tabs (the original window & the new one) are still loading

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