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Thread: Flash/CSS div in front of other in FF

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    Flash/CSS div in front of other in FF

    I can't figure this out!

    I have a flash conponent in a position div and also have a footer menu below it....works fine in IE but in FF the Flash (even though transparenet) is still blocking the menu....

    I try z-index, wmode, allaccess, etc. but no luck..

    Anyone know of this?

    Here's the link (have to write it like this since its internal)



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    Could just be a result of you having quite a few validation errors, especially in the flash object. To use a pun, you've over-cooked it. try using the flash satay method (using object only - no <embed>).

    I've never experienced a problem with
    HTML Code:
    <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
    when using this process.

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    Thanks I'll give that a whirl

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