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Thread: How will you know if you need Linux hosting or Windows hosting?

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    How will you know if you need Linux hosting or Windows hosting?

    hello everyone,I m new member here...
    I want to know that How will you know if you need Linux hosting or Windows hosting for a site?

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    If you are using ASP.NET, you'll need Windows, but beyond that, I cannot think of anything that would require either.

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    Any third-party applications or development tools you might need may dictate your need for one or the other. So for example if you planned to have a message forum or a content management system on your site, you need to know what platform those applications need to be hosted on.

    If you're just planning on putting html and css files out there, it doesn't matter what platform you use.


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    Linux hosting is usually just a little bit cheaper, so you need Linux.

    I have a general rule that I have used for years. When I cannot make up my mind about two choices, I resort to price. I pick the cheaper. If your life does not absolutely depend upon it, this is a good general rule and has served me fine for 20 years.


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    While you can get just about any requirements running on either platform Linux hosting tends to be set up to use open source software such as Apache, PHP, mySQL etc while Windows hosting tends to be set up using Microsoft software that has to be paid for such as IIS, .NET, msSQL. As such and since Windows itself needs to be paid for Windows hosting is usually more expensive than Linux hosting.

    Larger companies that host their own sites tend to use Windows, IIS, ,net or jsp etc while smaller companies tend to go for Linux, apache, php, etc. The majority of the web actually runs on Linux and so if you want to go for the cheaper or more popular option then that's the one to choose.

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