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Thread: Existing CSS setup, how easy is it to add side div frames?

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    Existing CSS setup, how easy is it to add side div frames?

    Hi all. I'm developing my first page in probably a decade and I've been doing it from scratch and learning techniques as I go (php/js/sql/xml/css/dom's etc--things have changed alot.

    The page I've been working on is my friends and I's clan page for an upcoming game. I've managed to get the main content and center portion of the page to the point I like it--but there's something lacking--side content.

    I don't necessarily need content in the side, but I'd like to give it a try to see how it both looks and functions from the admin/user standpoint.

    My problem is that I've already got some complicated cssing with multiple pieces and wasn't sure if it was too late to try to go back now and fix up my pages.

    Here's the page. http://mith-project.net

    The main issue I've been having is anytime I try to add content to the side bars, I end up pushing the content on the main page down the page anywhere the side content is. In other words, I have a header, then on the left side of the page i'll have a side panel, but the content in the middle is then displaced vertically downward for the length of the side pane. ANy tips?

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    It looks like you've built the page by embedding the presentation in the markup. If you rethink the layout by starting with semantic markup then the presentation will be a lot easier to (re)define using CSS.
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    You'll also have higher rankings if you use h1 tags and things like that, instead of just putting the heading in an image tag and leave it at that.

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    Rankings? Do you mean from search engines? Meh, it's intended to be a friend/clan page. Not really something I care for the world to see.

    Either way, I would like to learn the process to create pages the correct way. I don't really have a set method and do things in really random order. The last page was made while I was learning php/sql/css, so I dont care so much if it was messy.

    I found a way to do what I wanted tho, but I am not sure if I will use it in the page mentioned above.

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