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Thread: Publishing Stories on my Site

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    Publishing Stories on my Site

    Hey guys.

    For my website, I have to update the front page regularly with new info and stories. So instead of just editing the home page every time, could I create a system where the front page looks at a certain document saved somewhere else on my site, which contains the title and text?

    And then, I want to create a little interface where I type in the title and text, and it saves it to the document in the right format.

    So does this sound like a good idea or a waste of time?

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    Also, is it possible to just enter a bit of code, and then it fills in that area with whatever is on another document?

    Like for my header and links menu. I want to have a code that will get the html from a document, and I'll put the code on all my pages. So if I want to change anything to it, I just change that one document instead of every single page.

    Sorry for double posting, but there's no Edit button.

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    Yes, there is a script for that on Dynamic Drive I think. I just spent about 20 minutes hunting for it for you, but if I remember correctly, it's an ajax script and it will put the content wherever you want... a DIV or whatever. Look through my posts, as I posted the solution for someone else not too long ago and they thought it was fine.

    Sorry, I couldn't find it in a fast glance.

    Good luck.

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    I use php. Created a mini-CMS adequate for my purposes, which writes to a file, which in turn gets loaded to the home page via a php include.

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