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Thread: Problem with vista and the mailto tag??

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    Problem with vista and the mailto tag??

    Hi I'm still pretty new with flash any help would be greatly appreciated,

    I'm working on a flash based website and trying to make a simple contact us page with a button that u click and it opens the default email program on your computer.

    the problem is that the windows mail and windows live mail will only run in Vista.

    the code is quite simple, I have a text window stating the email address then a button saying "or simply click here"

    the actions on the button are:

    EDIT: (the forum wont let you actually post E-mail adresses so i replaced my actual email with the words myEmailAdress)

    on (release) {
    getURL("mailto: myEmailAdress?");

    again when I publish in a browser and run in vista the site works fine but in xp when I click the button nothing happens.

    any ideas?
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