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    I've run through this my head many times and I cannot find a simple solution.

    I want to have this sort of redirect page that will redirect after a certain amount time, say 3 seconds, and in the direct page I want to display a message based on the previous page's message.

    For example I have a profile page and users can edit their profile. When they click submit I want them to be directed to a page that tells them to wait 3 seconds and tell them their profile has been updated.

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    Maybe this will help what i'm faced up against:

    ...Snip of code...
    $success[] = You've done something correct;

    ... Now I need to redirect to the redirect page to display this message ...

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    You could use meta tags on your page.
    PHP Code:
    //All previous code UPDATE etc............
    $query "UPDATE ....................";

    "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='3; URL=http://yoursite.com/updatedpage.php'>";
    refreshing rate 3 seconds  --> 
    then on your updatedpage.php display the required message,

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