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Thread: Generate html content using PHP for site without PHP support?

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    Generate html content using PHP for site without PHP support?

    Dear all

    Is there some way to use php to pull the contents of an rss feed into a page which is hosted on a site with no php support? I would like the imported html to be crawlable by search engine spiders.

    I am currently doing this for a friend using my own site to generate the feed and then using <iframe> on my friend's site. The downside is that the page source html does not display the content of the <iframe>, only the source address.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    That's because the source of the main page and the source of any page loaded inside the IF are two different things. The soruce of the main page will, as you say, only show the code of the IF, not the source of whatever's inside it.

    If you're using an IF on his site, in which you load a PHP page on your site, then the fact that his site doesn't support PHP is irrelevant. In the IF is your server, not his.

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    One way to do it would be generating the html pages on your server and then using the ftp functions of php to upload the files to your friends server.

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    Many thanks, Stephan - it sounds as if that may be what I am looking for. I will try it out.

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