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Thread: [RESOLVED] Automatic updates of news and comics

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Automatic updates of news and comics

    I'm building a website that will mainly contain two elements: A news page and a comic strip. These are supposed to be on the same page, and doing that isn't really much of a problem. (I'm not THAT stupid. )

    However, I wish to be able to easily update each of these, and independently from each other

    For the newsfeed, I simply need a function where I can log in, and submit a new post - pretty much like a blog, but without people being able to reply.

    For the comic, I need more things:
    - A function for automatically creating a new page through a simple file/image upload, and create a working "Previous" button, and a disabled "Next" button.
    - A function for automatically updating the previous page, so that it's "Next" button is activated, and links to the new page.
    - A function for automatically updating the archive page.

    These three functions should ofcourse work together.

    Any help is appreciated. Just need a point in the right direction. ^^
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    With what is the current site coded?
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    Hi, thanks for your reply. However, I just found out one of my friends is quite knowledgeable about this kind of work, and he's helping me create such a system. (In exchange for pizza and cola, hehe! )


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