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Thread: Sql Count Query

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    Sql Count Query

    Hi guys,

    i have the following query

    $sql = "SELECT count(article_auther_user_id) as number_of_posts, mi_users.user_name, mi_users.user_id FROM mi_article, mi_users WHERE mi_users.user_id = mi_article.article_auther_user_id GROUP BY article_auther_user_id ORDER BY user_name DESC";

    Basically what i want it to do is to count the number of "article_auther_user_id" which is in the "mi_article" table, then match that info to mi_users table and return the user_name.

    Can someone please help me out.

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    Try this:

    SELECT a.user_name, a.user_id,
    (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM mi_article WHERE article_auther_user_id = a.user_id)
    FROM mi_users a

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