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Thread: question about iframes

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    question about iframes

    just wondering if there is a way to turn off the scrolling in a iframe.. and if there is is there ant way to just disable one like the side to side but leave the vertical....

    here is the iframe code i am using

    <IFRAME name=news marginWidth=4
    hspace=3px src="index8_files/news8.htm" frameBorder=0 width=395

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    Well just make the page that opens inside the iframe fluid so that it resizes without creating a horizontal scroll bar, iframe scroll bars only appear when they are needed.
    You can use
    <body style="overflow-x:hidden;" on the page opening inside the frame to remove the horizontal scroll bar but that will hide the extra content and it only works in ie. I would just go with my first suggestion if I were you.

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