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Thread: <p> doesnt work

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    <p> doesnt work

    Hi, here is my site: http://www.netzeye.com/support/contact_us.php

    I used <p> in between
    Mon. ~ Fri. 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM PST and T.S. MicroTech Inc. but it doesn't work. Can someone please point out the error for me?

    Much thanks

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    First, as XHTML requires that all tags be closed, you need to have a corresponding </p> tag for it. If that does not fix it, try wrapping the text above it in its own <p>...</p> tags.

    PS: Might be worth checking out the other 74 XHTML errors, too.
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    Nope, wrapping <p> </p> around doesnt work.

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    Fix the other 67 errors and try again. And remember that with true XHTML (i.e. parsed as XHTML), any error will stop the page loading at all.

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    Thanks, it works now!

    I have 1 more problem that has to do with tables. In dreamweaver, the table under "Specification" looked fine, however, when I viewed it using IE, the column widths are all messed up... http://www.netzeye.com/CMS/cc/index.php

    Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?

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