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Thread: How can i add another filed ?

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    Question How can i add another filed ?

    Dear Friend,

    10x For this Line:

    Response.Write "<OPTION>" & rs("kod") & "</OPTION>"
    But how can i Add a text from another filed behind the combo box and it depend on the change in the combo box ?
    I choose On the combo "1" I get in the filed next on it "home"
    I choose On the combo "2" I get in the filed next on it "car"
    Etc…. ?

    Best Regards To All
    Adi Doron

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    This question really belongs in the HTML/Javascript or dHTML forum I think, but I noticed you had another post regarding this which included ASP.

    To answer your question, I would suggest that you place an onChange() event in your <SELECT> tag.

    <SELECT NAME=myselect onChange="setfield(this);">

    function setfield(element) {
    if (element.value == '1') {
    document.formname.targetfield.value = 'home';}
    else {
    document.formname.targetfield.value = 'car';}

    Where 'targetfield' is the NAME of the field you want to populate with the text. I'm assuming it was in a form.

    EDIT: Make sure to use 'element.value' in the script !
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    I'm rubbish at this stuff, so I post a reply then go away and try it only to find out it doesn't work ! Sorry.

    You need to give your <OPTION> tags a VALUE attribute.

    For my above example to work you need to do:


    But, I think there is a better way:

    <SELECT NAME=myselect onChange="document.formname.targetfield.value = this.value;">



    That saves having to keep a javascript function up to date with all the possible values, as long as you make sure your <OPTION>s are built correctly.

    I've tried this, and it works, I hope it is what you were after!

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