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Thread: XML/Flash Problem

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    Exclamation XML/Flash Problem

    I'm using the drop-down flash menu from the standard flash tutorial that incorp's an xml doc. The menu works fine, but I need to add a property to it that hides other sub menu's once a new main selection has been made. I've been trying to figure this out for about a week and a half, but no luck. I would appreciate any help if anyone has suggestions. Thanks a lot.

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    your question does not help us here to even remotely guess what could be wrong,so be kind and post the link of the page in question....


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    I've attached the FLA and xml files in a .zip folder. What I'm trying to do is make the menu automatically collapse any previously opened sub-items when a new main menu heading is clicked on. That way there is only one main menu item open, and the screen doesn't get cluttered. IM me on aol @ sctasu if you'd like. Thanks again. I hope this is a little more clear

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    the file...

    Let me try one more time...here's that file.
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