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Thread: need to pass value of a text feild in a variable in ASP

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    need to pass value of a text feild in a variable in ASP


    I need to pass value of a text feild in a variable.

    like I have this text feild

    <input name="part1" type="text" id="part1 "class="style14" size="11" value="<%=objRS("part1")%>">
    rightnow value is coming from database. my user can change this value to his own and can press update button.

    this is the button I have created:

    <input name="submitvalues" type="submit"  value="Update Request" ; onclick= "location.href='RMAdetails1.asp?req_no=<%=objRS("req_no")%>'">
    if somehow I can get the value of the text feild in a variable then i will pass it to the next page. Next page is exact replica of this asp page just its performing the update query in addition.

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    I don't know where you found that code example but you should be using a FORM to submit data to a database.

    <form method="post" action="RMAdetails1.asp?req_no=<%=objRS("req_no")%>">
    <input name="part1" type="text" id="part1 "class="style14" size="11" value="<%=objRS("part1")%>" />
    <input name="submitvalues" type="submit"  value="Update Request" />

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