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Thread: Searching a string for substring that is in an array.

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    Searching a string for substring that is in an array.

    Basically I have an array of small strings. Then I have a larger string in which I want to see if any of those in the array of smaller strings match anything in the larger string. Is there a function in php in which I can pass the array of smaller strings and the larger string and get a bool value or something like that? Or am I going to have to loop through each array index and do a preg_match on each to get a result? It doesn't matter which smaller string matches? Baiscally I want to see if any of the smaller strings match or if none match the larger one.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    preg_match does not support array searching, so you will have to loop, something like this should be sufficient:
    PHP Code:
    function preg_Amatch($pattern$string){
    $pattern as $tmp){
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