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Thread: Want to add data in present data in database table feild

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    Want to add data in present data in database table feild

    I have a text feild area ,Notes and I am inserting its value to the database table and the redirecting back to form.

    I am displaying that notes value from database just above the textarea feild of the form.

    I want that when my user submit more notes, that value should be able to add to the present value.

    what I am able to do is update new value but not able to add to it.

    I want to display it like:

    notes.add notes.addmore notes....

    This is the code I am using for form:
    					if objRS2.recordcount > 0 then
    					Response.Write objRS2("Notes")
    					Response.Write ("No Notes Specified")
    					end if
                        <td height="20"><table width="100%"  border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
                              <td width="85%" align="left" valign="middle">&nbsp;
                                  <textarea name="t1" cols="90" rows="4" wrap="OFF" class="style14" id="t1"></textarea>

    This is the page where notes values are inserting to database

    Dim req_no, notes, Username
                    req_no = Request.QueryString("req_no")
    				Username = Request.QueryString("Username")
    				notes = Request.form("t1")
    				DIM objConn, sqlstr, objRS
                    Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
                    sConnString = ""
    				mySQL = "SELECT * FROM Notes where req_no= "& req_no & ";"
                    Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
                    objRS.Open mysql, objConn,3,1
    				if objRS.recordcount > 0 then
    				sSQL = "Update Notes set Notes='"&notes&"' where req_no='"&req_no&"'" 
    				sSQL = "INSERT into Notes (req_no, Notes)values('" & req_no & "', '" & notes & "')"
    				end if
                    Set objRS = Nothing
                              Set objConn = Nothing

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    Are you executing the update statement before you fill your textfield?

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