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Thread: Window Navigate Event

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    Window Navigate Event

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to webdeveloper.com and fairly new to JavaScript so I greatly appreciate any help you can be!
    I am currently trying to write a script that will redirect a user from a link they click to a different portion of the page. I have been unable to find any form of a window navigate event so I am using a window onload event, which has proven fairly unsuccessful.

    The script needs to run continuously, as I would like any links clicked on in the window to add '#miniconsole' when clicked on.

    Here is the code I have thus far so let me know what can be done to catch this event and process my code! Thanks!

    function LoadFunction()
    var isClosed = newwindow.closed;
    var addon = "#miniconsole"
    newlocation = currentlocation + addon
    // will open the international customer form
    function openIntlForm() {
    var w=396; /* popup window width*/
    var h=250; /* popup window height*/
    var l=(screen.width-w)/2; /*this centers horizontally*/
    var t=(screen.height-h)/2; /*this centers vertically*/
    var features="left="+l+",top="+t+",width="+w+",height="+h+",scrollbars=auto";
    var newwindow = window.open(link,"",features);
    var newlocation = null;
    do {
    var currentlocation = newwindow.location.href
    if (currentlocation != newlocation)
    newwindow.attachEvent( 'onload', LoadFunction);
    newwindow.onload = LoadFunction()
    while (isClosed = 'False') }

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    if you mean to scroll donw a page with a link this can be done with a simple html anchor.


    hope this helps!
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