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Thread: Convert .doc file into pdf format in php

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    Unhappy Convert .doc file into pdf format in php


    I am trying to convert word(.doc) file into .pdf format in php
    using com with openoffice.org.
    but in my code
    I think the problem is the com.sum.star service is down.

    $oo_serviceManager=new COM('com.sun.star.ServiceManager') or die ('Could not launch OpenOffice');

    there is given error is com function is not found so give me solution for geting and successful runing my script.
    please sugest any script to run com functionality.


    IF I am using windows then what basic requirment to be instal or functionility to run my script successfully.

    please give sugession
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    For windows user, maybe this help you : http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/sh...d.php?t=187281

    I actualy never try that one, but i will.
    This one works :

    For unix user, you can use PUNO extension : http://www.wstech2.net/index.php?do=puno
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