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Thread: Which is faster/better?

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    Which is faster/better?

    When comparing two tables to see what the differences are? Using an EXCEPT or a WHERE NOT EXISTS?

    I'm comparing tables where each have about 2000+ rows.

    Also, I usually only get about 5-10 different rows with the EXCEPT (the EXCEPT is what I'm currently using).

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    Where Not Exists

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksailesh
    Where Not Exists
    Can you give an explanation on why?

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    except would be faster and better because that is what it's built for. it is also more legible. after all, what would you rather read:

    select ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC
    from TableA
    select ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC
    from TableB


    select ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC
    from TableA a where not exists
    (select *
    from TableB b where
    Coalesce(a.ColumnA, '') = Coalesce(a.ColumnA, '')
    and Coalesce(a.ColumnB, '') = Coalesce(b.ColumnB, '')
    and Coalesce(a.ColumnC, '') = Coalesce(b.ColumnC, '')

    Full Outer Join is also another option (with the same limitations as not exists) but if you have except available to you there is no reason why you should not use it. Again, that is what the except operator is built for!

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