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Thread: Making my portfolio more dynamic

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    My website is ***

    At the moment when I have to update my work, I have to do it manually. I would like to set my website up so that when i have new work, it can be uploaded automatically, probably with an external XML file.. ? I am not sure.

    Are there any good tuts out there that can help me get started? What do I need to learn?

    Thanks, Leigh

    Web designer, cape town
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    As long as your site is built in php (and you claim to be a freelancer web designer and developer with a large portfolio in your site, don't you?), I presume that you have a DB (most sure MySQL) in back-end, haven't you? If so, why do you need an XML data store?

    Regarding your question: yes, it is possible to use XML as data store (but it is not recommended). The access from a web document to and fro an XML file is to be made in several ways, AJAX is the most popular.
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