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Thread: Need a little database help!

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    Need a little database help!

    I'm doing an inventory system project, and I've already done the part where product balances can be checked out or checked in.

    However, I'm trying to record the transactions now and I'm abit stumped because 1 transaction may 1 or more product and value.

    For example, withdrawal Transaction A:
    1. Pots - 10, 5
    2. Pans - 4
    3. Plates - 20

    As the number of items in the transaction can vary from 1-50, the only way I thought that it's possible to store the transaction in one table row, is to use tokens.. but that would be messy. Anyone got a cleaner way of doing this?

    Thank you for reading!

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    one to many relationships?

    just give each transaction a primary key, then make a second table for items in the transaction, which has the foreign key matching it up to the transactions table. problem solved.
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    Woah.. thanks!
    I kinda forgot all the database stuff I learned.. XD

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