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Thread: Which OSS portal is right for my needs and timeline?

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    Which OSS portal is right for my needs and timeline?

    I'm looking for an oSS to can help me setup a web community portal (member profiles, bulletin boards, blog, event calendars, RSS feeds, etc) that are all tied to one. For instance, instead of downloading Wordpress for blog and phpBB for bulletin board separately, I want something that's integrated together.

    I already have a front-end template but just need to work on the back-end functionalities. And as a PHP web developer, I can do some modification if needed. The main issue is, I will need to tie it with an e-commerce application that my company has developed (written in PHP/Oracle). However, I will spent some time converting the DB to MySQL.

    The OSS Community Portal must be easily modified to add custom features (video upload feature, blog, calendar, etc) and once they are log into my e-commerce system, they will also be log into the community features. Thus, I'm assuming once I setup the community portal, I will need to develop a way for the e-commerce system to share the same global login session with the community portal.

    Would you recommend Drupal, Joomla, webGUI, typo3, etc, for my needs? The time-frame I have to work on this is about 3 weeks, but I will a lot of time on the integration.

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    Since you're a PHPer, have you rummaged around http://opensourcecms.com to see if there's a match there?
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