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Thread: I need opinions on a splash page

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    I need opinions on a splash page

    I decided to something radical and different for a splash page to my blog/ personal website vs. my business website. It was truly a risk, that's why I want to know what you guys think of it. If it's a bad idea or not?

    Alright first off, I'm completely new here. I just need opinions.

    So I wanted to try something new... I decided to set a flash video as a background for my splash page. I layered a h1 title and two links with png backgrounds over the video. Check it out here:


    -tell me what you guys think of this. by the way it's Saul Williams - list of Demands

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    Well, to be honest, first off it's a bit loud and irritating. Not something I want to visit at 3:00 AM when the family is sleeping. Also, splashpages are really not a good idea. Why do I have to wait 75 seconds to get to a Web site I don't even know if I want to visit? I'd be gone in 3 seconds. It doesn't do anything for the site. (BTW, I didn't last the 75 seconds .... I left.)

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    Ditto to the above.

    Didnt see the relevance to the site at all.


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    I agree with LeeU i sat there for like 5 mins trying to figure out what the site was about. i would try to focus on one subject. At first i saw the background and though space? then i went to your portfolio and saw a bunch of web templates, get a relevant theme, and stick with it for the whole page.
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