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Thread: How can I run several PHP pages in a row from one PHP page?

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    How can I run several PHP pages in a row from one PHP page?

    I have a bunch of PHP pages which are essentially imports from text files into various databases, I want to tie them all up nice and neat so whomever runs them just has to click a single link/button/whatever to run them all. I know I could just have a redirect at the end of each to the next one, but in the future the order might change and the person changing it shouldn't have access to the actual import pages.

    It'd also be nice if there was a quick and clean way to keep the user updated on the progress of the imports. The entire process right now takes about 20 minutes a day so it's important to know if it is stalling up right away.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    you could use includes and buffer flushing to send a message to the user every time it's completed an include, this would update the status bar and in most browsers display the newly sent content(you will have to flush after every echo or whatever though, since content is normally only sent at the end of the page, regardless of if the buffer is set or not)

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