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Thread: web page not displaying in IE correctly not sure how to go about it

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    Angry web page not displaying in IE correctly not sure how to go about it

    Hi all,

    my website www.jamesapps.com looks good on mozilla firefox on a MAC but I can't seem to make it play well with Internet Explorer is there anyone out there that can help me sort this out I will use a external style sheet with a conditional statement for IE but I'm not sure what to put in it?

    Also the twitter updater speech bubble doesn't seem to display correctly either for some reason?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    I'm not able to see your website it is asking for user name password!!!

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    Sorry about that, I have taken it off now.

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    You can now browse to www.jamesapps.com and see the website.

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    Major issue for starters is mismatched quote marks surrounding the #logo id name, causing the entire navigation list and the following opening div tag to be in error :
    <a href="/"><img src="http://www.jamesapps.com/wp-content/themes/jamesapps/assets/images/logo.png" alt="James Apps" title="JamesApps.com" id='logo" /></a>

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    Use #inner {display: inline;} to fix the "margin-doubling on floats" bug in IE6 this will fix the drop down issue.

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