Hi, I've just bought a second laptop and have heard that IMAP email is the best way to manage my email with two computers. I'm using googlemail and have set it to IMAP at their end and followed the instructions as best as poss to set my outlook express 6 (on my older laptop) and windows mail on my recent machine.
I get the error :

Header download for the '[Google Mail]' folder did not complete. Could not select '[Google Mail]' on the IMAP server. You might try refreshing your folder list to synchronize with the IMAP server. Account: 'Googlemail (imap)', Server: 'imap.gmail.com', Protocol: IMAP, Server Response: 'Unknown Mailbox: [Google Mail] (Failure)', Port: 993, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCCD2

this is on the new 'Windows mail' machine, after it's checked about 10 folders it always has this glitch, refreshing the folder list didn't make any difference. (I dont really understand what I'm doing, but I'd like to try to avoid the error bieng thrown up each time if possible)

The other machine again does collect email, but as you start the program (outlook express 6), it immediately throws up a tile listing all the folders and saying that they couldn't be polled ? - hittting the send/recieve button again then produces normally recieved mail with no errors

Note : in the case of the OE6 machine above, it also always thinks that its not connected to the internet as it seems to say that there is no internet connection present (maybe this has something to do with the lack of email) however when I press 'try again' it is then possible to collect mail........ and frustratingly, I know full well that the internet connection was there in the first place. Is there anything I could check or try in order to solve this ?

thanks very much for reading. 'any' help would be much appreciated