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Thread: Two liquid coloums?

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    Two liquid coloums?

    Has anyone attempted to do a three-column layout where two of the layouts are liquid and expand right up to the footer depending on the length of the other column? I've been reading the "A List Apart" article on the Holy Grail and have been successful in implementing this in one of my sites. Now I'm looking to improve the design of having both columns (center and right) go right up to the footer, no matter which one is longer. Any ideas???

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    I have this problem as well. I want both columns to reach the bottom, however, I do not know which will be longer. The only way that I know of (and I don't know alot) is to make a background that gives the illusion of columns (if you understand what I mean).

    The problem with this is that the sizes must be in pixels and not relative sizing. That makes the website only suited for particular resolutions

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    The generally used technique to produce that illusion is Faux Columns.
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