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Thread: putting ads on Web site

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    putting ads on Web site

    So I'm familiar enough with using Google ads, but what about when I want to choose who advertises on my site? What if I have multiple advertisers/sponsors and want to make sure they get equal time? What if a sponsor wants to pay to be the only advertiser of a certain section of my site? And of course there's the tracking and getting paid part.

    What I'm really asking is, does anybody have any suggestions on free or cheap companies that provide services for this. I've tried to look at the source of some sites running ads, like Penny-Arcade, because I know they choose what ads run. But all I can tell is that PHP is involved, which is why I started this thread over in this section.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    What if a sponsor wants to pay to be the only advertiser of a certain section of my site?

    That can only happen in case of an advertisor who pays you each month a hard value of cash because you usually earn money for each click on an ad.

    I got 2 kinds of google-ads. My php-script choose each time the script runs one of them with a random number.

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    Sounds like you want alot of control. The best way to do this is create your own advertising solution and code the appropriate rules to show ads when you want. This will give you maximum control.

    Only other solution is to register on one of the advertising sites where you can advertise a 'space'. Advertisers then buy space on your site based on rank (google, alex etc..). You can create several spaces with each advertiser selecting the one they want to pay for.

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