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Thread: Image with Link Embedded?

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    Image with Link Embedded?


    I am trying to create a static banner with a link embedded to send to my coworkers to use in their email signatures. It is not an animated banner, just a simple jpg or gif, but it needs to include a link. Is there a way to embed the link in the image so that i can give my coworkers an image instead of a string of html?

    I hope that made sense...



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    HTML Code:
    <a href="someUrl.htm"><img src="bannerImg.jpg" /></a>
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    A link cannot be embedded within the very image. Only Flash would allow this.
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    Well I’m a Flash guy but I’m not so sure about that. When you create a signature file in Outlook or Outlook Express, the file is written as HTML. You can specify an image source and my guess is you could include a link also.
    Google signatures for more info. This should get you started.
    Now your job is to check it out and report back whether or not it works!
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    You could also do an image map on the image within the accompanying html code. You also have to make sure your email client can send html email and your recipients have that option turned on as well.

    Make sure all styles are inline (no style sheet links) and your image is hard coded to a real url, not an internal server directory address.
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