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Thread: Date/Time format has changed on IIS 5

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    Date/Time format has changed on IIS 5

    I recently re-installed my webserver (win2k, IIS 5.0) and the date-tmie format has changed from the British dd/mm/yy to the American mm/dd/yy. I have set the regional options to UK time and date format, but this has not helped.

    I have read somewhere that IIS uses its own format for date and time. Is this true? How can I change it to the required format?

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    I would think that if you modify the way a date is presented using Control Panel options, Regional and Language Options,
    IIS will use that....

    So solve the problem, try to force IIS to use your locale. Here's a link on how to do that.

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    Date/Time format has changed on IIS 5 (registry fix needed too)

    In addition to changing the local under Control Panel|Regional and Language...
    I also had to change the Registry settings:
    HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT/Control Panel/International/sShortDate
    (use regedit from the commandline)

    In my case I needed it to change to MM/dd/yyyy
    Yours may be different.

    THEN finally things like "now()" in classic ASP appear in the format I wished.

    This also solves the problem of SQL Date out of range error...and yes I know there are proper ways to put dates into databases which don't lead to these problems...but when you inherit code...and they want you to keep the lights on...well you get the picture.

    The regedit change worked for me with IIS on XP.

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