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Thread: [RESOLVED] css navigation list

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    resolved [RESOLVED] css navigation list

    hey people i want to create a list of links.

    i want the list to be horizontal
    i want each link to be a box (rather than just the text being the link the whole 'box' to be it)
    i want to display 7 links, spaced out evenly

    the only problem is i dont know how to do the latter two things. i can get my list to appear horizontally and thats about it.

    What css commands should i look at?

    and whats the best way to layout my declarations in the css file?

    mucho thanks

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    This link should give you the direction you need.

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    Float the <li>s left, display:block, and give then a width of 14% (roughly 100/7). For the box effect, just give them a border.
    List tutorial seems a pretty basic place to start, and explains the steps in detail.

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