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Thread: iframe and links

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    iframe and links

    i got my site all set up and working with iframes, my question is, how do i link to a page with the iframe loaded.

    example, i want to advertise on this site. and say go to such and such page.
    and i would want to directly link them to that page with that iframe page loaded inside it.

    in html i know it looks like
    <a href="http://www.elitestraining.com/starcraft/other/games/" target="middlebox"> Flash Games Page</a>

    But how would i make a link to load my template, and the page i want in the iframe?
    alot of these pages have variables. like
    htp:// www. elitestraining.com/starcraft/?=other?=games?=target=middlebox

    but i dono how those work, i want people to be able to copy a shortcut link to a iframe loaded inside my template.

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    hmm you guys are too slow for the likes of me.. I already found out what to do. Google = GOD its all knowing its everywhere at once, answers your searches. lol

    anyway heres what i found its a javascript and a link variable

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    I use iframes for a lot of my forms. For instance, on http://www.abacusdataexchange.com on the contact us section, it's an iframe that loads a HTML form. You can check out my code to see what I did.

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