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Thread: axd files being Truncating

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    axd files being Truncating

    This ones got me real stuck, we have a User whows PC is doing something, which is truncating an axd script at random locations in the file:


    Sorry this requires a Login, but it happens randomly, always somewhere in this file, the resulting file becomes truncated half way, quarter way down but has not yet completely downloaded, which means all componentart etc is rendered useless, Ive reinstalled FireFox 2, then Installed Firefox 3, but its also happening on IE7, makes me think its a setting on the PC, have checked the size of the temp internet files, has plenty of space to play with,

    This site works fine when not on this PC, and on other PCs within the same network.

    Has anyone had a problem like this before? is there a setting somewhere which will allow this to work? - also while tryi9ng to fix the problem found that for a while there was a message about compression (Firefox Message), probably related, have had a look on Google can't find anything helpful.

    Heres an Example of the EOF,

    function Sys$_Debug$assert(condition, message, displayCaller) {
    /// <param name="condition" type="Boolean"></param>
    /// <param name="message" type="String" optional="true" mayBeNull="true"></param>
    /// <param name="displayCaller" type="Boolean" optional="true"></param>
    var e = Function._validateParams(arguments, [
    {name: "condition", type: Boolean},
    {name: "message", type: String, mayBeNull: true, Line 2142 Col 38

    - Should be more code here finishing in
    if(typeof(Sys)!=='undefined')Sys.Application.notifyScriptLoaded(); Line 6637, Col 67

    This is also a concern as cold mean a customers could have the same setup on their PC, meaning they could not use the site, which for obvious reasons wouldn't be great. The PC on Which this Occurs is Running XP SP2, and happens across at least 3 Browsers Tested FF2 FF3 and IE7,

    Any Suggestions would be appreciated,

    PS Sorry about the Title,

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    Well, Ive disabled Compression for the website/s in IIS6, and is now working

    Disabled Compression under websites > Properties > Services
    - Compress Application Files
    - Compress Static Files

    Not sure if both need to be disabled, but will play round see if can allow for some, only problem for this is looks to stop compression for all websites on that server, when some don't use AJAX? but anyway fixed. just swicthed these then refreshed the website.

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    And Also Looked through this didn't find any help , but may help someone else

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    After disabling Compression and the AXD, files being OK, there was then a new Problem, thoughg those files, were downloading correctly, the HTML files where now truncating, got sick of not finding answers. Workmate while fixing a virus problem, ran a virus scan on the clients computer not sure if this is related, but the problem seems to have completely disappeared

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