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Thread: What Javascript image effects tricks do you know of?

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    What Javascript image effects tricks do you know of?

    As we all know, Image manipulation is quite limited in JavaScript. However, that doesn't mean that you are completely tied up and gagged. You can still use basic things to create interesting effects.

    Transparency, Resizing Width and Height, Clipping Width and Height, Making one image overlap another one.

    There are the "tricks" I know, and with them, you can make some graphical effects which are pretty cool. (I simulated a rotating tree which actually looked 3d, using nothing but these effects, but I managed to mess up, so I can't show you right now >_>).

    Simply, what I am asking is, what else things can you use to manipulate images, or at least how the viewer sees the image? Do you have any other tricks you can share?

    Of course, I know there are lots of other things, such as FlipImage(), but the things I'm looking for must be cross browser for at least the main browsers.

    (The JavaScript Vector Graphics Library is also awesome, but not really what I'm looking for. It's not fit for drawing big detailed images, nor animated effects)

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    I'm not just wanting a "quick fix", but to actually learn about it. Although, since I can see the source, I guess it's a good option anyway. Thanks.

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    I'm really lacking one effect that I would love. Is there any way of tinting an image with color?

    I already figured that you could tint a square image, say, blue, by having an semi-transparent blue div over it.

    However, for non-squared images, those that use transparency to have a diffrent shape, this trick will not work. One possibility would be to have a blue image that has the exact same shape as the orginal, and then make it semi-transparent.

    But this would mean not only that you have to have a duplicate image loaded for every image, but it would also limit you to one color. Unless you are planning to have even more duplicates!

    Any ideas?

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